The therapist directory of the IVRT

On the map you will find all therapists who have successfully completed the vestibular rehabilitation specialist course. Our therapists have studied vestibular disorders and vestibular rehabilitation intensively for 38 educational units of 45 minutes each

This therapist directory is designed to help patients and physicians find the specialized therapist. Colleagues who work in clinics are often only able to treat hospital patients. However, some of these therapists also work at the respective clinic's outpatient physio or occupational therapy facility. We always try to include this information.

Important Notice:

Vestibular rehabilitation is an active therapy and consists 100% of active exercises! Passive methods such as massages of the head, neck or ear are not taught in our seminars and are not recommended by us, because such passive methods have shown no effect in studies for vestibular problems. Our therapists have various additional qualifications and therefore also offer other therapies. But especially if you find a therapist through this directory, we strongly recommend that you ask explicitly about vestibular rehabilitation !

And please make sure that you really have an appointment with the named therapist! We certify therapists, but not the whole practice. Some course participants give talks within the practice so that other colleagues can do the therapy as well. These talks are given by therapists who have just learned the therapy and never match the quality & scope of our seminars.